Since the founding of our company in 2001, SUPTEK has specialized in Plant Extraction and Application, specifically for Rosemary, Seaweed, Pinper Nigruml, Nutmeg and others. It is the largest manufacturer of Rosemary Extract in China. It  occupies 13 Mu office areas, combined with 100 employees working in Production, R&D and Sales Departments in Haikou in cooperation with the Kunming Institute of Chinese Forestry Academy for Rosemary Improved Varieties selection and cultivation; planting 6000 Mu Rosemary in four provinces which are Hunan, Yunnan, Guizhou and Henan bases separately. 
Furthermore, we devote to consistently improve product quality, research new product and Rosemary Extract application in different products by arranging different trial application experiments and then propose it to customers to resolve their special requirements accordingly. There are Carnosic acid, Rosmarinic acid, Ursolic acid with various concentrations which offers the customer the best selection.