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Pepper Oleoresin

Pepper Oleoresin is extracted from both black and white peppers in organic solvent Ethanol. It not only retains the unique flavor of pepper, also enriches and enhances the effect of above components as well.


Description: Flavoring, spicy and seasoning agent
Principal Ingredient: 20% to 40% piperine
Appearance: Black pepper oleoresin: Light yellow to dark greenish sticking liquid
                    White pepper oleoresi: Light yellow translucent liquid with a little sediment
Application: Snack food, Meat Products, Instant food, Flavors beverage, BBQ, Seasoning,etc.
Package: Food grade plastic bucket, 10kgs/bucket, 25kgs/bucket.
Storage & Convey Condition: Stored in well sealed container away from moisture and direct sun light.
Shelf life: 12 months.

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