December 2001, Hainan Super Biotech Co., Ltd was established.
April 2003, Our first Rosemary plant base was established in Guizhou Province.
August 2003, Launching full range of Rosemary Extract to the market (they’re water and oil soluble series rosemary extract and rosemary essential oil).
November 2003, Signed for a our plant extract factory in Hunan Province.
March 2005, The second and third Rosemary plant bases were established in Baisha of Hainan and Baise of Guangxi in orderly.
September 2005, Took the lead in launching High Purity Carnosic Acid 60% and Ursolic Acid.
November 2006, Gained GMP certificate for healthy food.
June 2007, Passed the Kosher certificate.
August 2007,  Gained CIQ Certificate.
May 2008, Established a key laboratory with Hainan Normal University in common.
May 2010, Was granted the certificate of National Torch Project authorized by MSTC.
October 2010, Set up the Natural Plant Engineering Center with the Medical College of Fudan University in common.
October 2011, Obtained National Industrial Product Manufacture license.
March 2012, We were listed in supplier directory of Amway and our product Carnosic Acid was used as high-end raw material in its health product.
May 2012, Established branch company in UK to expand European market.
October 2013, Reached cooperation with the Research Institute of Resources Insects (RIRI) of the Chinese Academy of Forestry in common.
April 2014, Obtained the support of Hainan provincial project about applied technology research and demonstration and promotion of special.
November 2014, New extracting workshop has gone into operation formally.
December 2014, Launched new liquid products (Liquid Rosemary antioxidant)
March 2015, Products Patent application has been on processing.
June 2015, Launched High purity Carnosic Acid 95%.
November 2015, Passed the ISO9001& ISO14001 Certificates.
2016,  We are continuing to work hard……